Who won the Victorian election

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Fire danger Victoria

Fire Danger in Victoria: A Critical Situation Unfolds

Stay updated on the escalating fire threat in Victoria

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Missing Ballarat woman

Desperate Search for Missing Ballarat Woman Samantha Murphy Continues

The search for 51-year-old Samantha Murphy, who vanished while out for a run in Ballarat, intensifies as community members and authorities join forces to locate her.

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Fireworks Australia Day

Australia Day Celebrations in Victoria: Sausage Sizzles to Barefoot Bowling

Discover the exciting Australia Day events happening across Victoria, from sausage sizzles to yabby races and barefoot bowling! ๐ŸŽ‰

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Australia Day events

Celebrate Australia Day with Sausage Sizzles and Yabby Races

Discover the exciting Australia Day events happening across Victoria's local councils areas. From sausage sizzles to yabby races, there's something for everyone!

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Australia day fireworks

Get Ready to Celebrate Australia Day with Fireworks and Fun Events

Exciting events across Australia on Australia Day - From citizenship ceremonies to fun community activities!

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Queensland Man Wins $1 Million Lotto Jackpot Without Realizing It

Check out how a Warner man's banter with his brother turned into a shocking $1 million lotto win! Read more about this incredible news below.

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Flash flooding Victoria

Victoria Braces for Extreme Weather: Flash Flooding Alerts Across Multiple States

Millions prepare as severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall threaten Victoria, South Australia, and NSW. Are you ready for the downpour? #flashflooding #weatherwarning

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Victoria flash flooding

Victoria Braces for Extreme Weather with Flash Flooding on the Horizon

Millions in Victoria, SA, and NSW are preparing for severe thunderstorms and potential flooding as heavy rainfall threatens the region.

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ABC iview

ABC News Episodes: Top Stories and Weather Warnings

Stay up to date with the latest news from Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales, and Victoria on ABC iview. Learn about wild weather in Queensland and energy company warnings in Victoria!

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Aussie Towns Mesmerized by Starlink Satellite Show in the Night Sky

Victorian stargazers capture a stunning Starlink satellite train sighting! โœจ๐Ÿ›ฐ๏ธ #Stargazing #SpacePhenomenon

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Pitch Festival

Pitch Festival Punters Urged to Stay Safe as Fire Danger Warning Forces Evacuations

Victoria's Pitch Music & Arts Festival faces extreme heat and fire danger, prompting festival goers to leave the site. Find out why authorities are advising punters to delay arrivals.

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Sunnymeade garden

Discover the Hidden Gem of Sunnymeade Garden in Victoria

Uncover the secrets of Sunnymeade Garden, nestled in the historic Strathbogie Ranges. A must-visit oasis where nature meets history!

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Fines Victoria

Victoria: The Fines Capital of Australia

Victoria is set to rake in nearly $1 billion in fines, making it the fines capital of Australia! Will the state government ease up on its punitive approach? Find out more!

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Amelia Hamer

Meet the Young Liberal Ready to Shake Up Kooyong Politics

Young, Oxford-educated Amelia Hamer set to challenge Teal MP in Kooyong. Can she continue her grand uncle's legacy?

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Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Gets a Taste of Celebrity Secrets on Food Stars

Contestant shocks Gordon Ramsay by calling Madonna during pitch! โœจ Find out the juicy details!

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Good Friday Appeal

Good Friday Appeal: Heartwarming Stories of Generosity and Support

Discover heartwarming tales of community support and fundraising for the Royal Children's Hospital during the Good Friday Appeal in Victoria!

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Smoke haze Melbourne

Waterbomber Action to Stop Melbourne Grass Fire Causes More Smoke Haze

A waterbomber adds to the smoke haze in Melbourne as it battles a fast-moving grass fire. Find out how Easter weekend plans went up in smoke!

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Feel the Beat: Geelong's Cocktail Crawl and New Trains on Track

Get ready for a unique cocktail experience in Geelong and the latest on the VLocity trains for regional rail transport!

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Adrian Schiller

Tragic Loss: Remembering Adrian Schiller, the Versatile British Actor

๐ŸŒŸ In a shocking turn of events, the entertainment world mourns the sudden passing of British actor Adrian Schiller, best known for his roles in 'The Last Kingdom' and 'Victoria'. ๐ŸŽญ #AdrianSchiller #TheLastKingdom #Victoria

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When is daylight savings

Why Queensland Tradies and Labourers Oppose Daylight Savings

Discover why only certain Queenslanders are against daylight savings and the surprising reason behind it!

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Hannah McGuire

Shocking Twist: Ex-Boyfriend Charged with Murder After Body Found in Burnt Car

Discover the chilling details of the Hannah McGuire case where her ex-boyfriend is accused of her murder. Read on for the full story!

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Les Twentyman

Farewell to Melbourne's Legendary Youth Worker Les Twentyman

Mourners gathered in Melbourne to honour the life and legacy of renowned youth worker Les Twentyman at a state funeral. Learn more about his impactful work and dedication to helping at-risk youth!

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Gisborne Golf Club

Gisborne Golf Club Clubhouse Destroyed by Suspicious Fire

A popular golf club in Melbourne completely destroyed by a suspicious fire. Read more here!

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Avian influenza Australia

Avian Influenza Outbreak in Australia: What You Need to Know

Breaking news: Bird flu detected on Victorian farm and first human case reported in Australia! Stay informed about the latest updates.

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Bird flu Australia

Bird Flu Outbreak Hits Australia: 400,000 Chickens Culled and First Human Case Reported

400,000 chickens culled at Victorian egg farm and first human case detected in Aussie child. Find out more about the bird flu outbreak in Australia!

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Bird flu

Coles Implements Egg Buying Limits Amid Bird Flu Outbreak in Victoria

Egg-citing news! Find out how Coles is taking action against bird flu with egg buying limits.

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Dan Andrews

Controversy and Commemoration: Dan Andrews' Award Sparks Debate and Lockdowns

Former Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews receiving the nation's highest honor has divided Victorians and sparked heated debates. Find out how the controversial award led to a snap lockdown in Victoria!

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Victoria's Rising Tennis Stars Shine at Australian Teams Championships

Victoria's top juniors gear up for the tennis showdown in Gold Coast! ๐ŸŽพ

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Port Phillip Prison

Victoria Shuts Down Port Phillip Prison and Opens New Correctional Centre

Victoria announces the closure of Port Phillip Prison and the opening of Western Plains Correctional Centre in Lara. Find out the details here!

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CFMEU news

CFMEU Scandals: What's Happening in the Construction Industry Union?

Find out the latest on the CFMEU scandals and the dramatic actions being taken in Victoria. Corruption, criminal ties, and political distancing - it's all here!

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