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Feel the Beat: Geelong's Cocktail Crawl and New Trains on Track

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Get ready for a unique cocktail experience in Geelong and the latest on the VLocity trains for regional rail transport!

Geelong is buzzing with excitement as bars gear up for a thrilling event - the Urban Cocktail Trail! On April 6th, locals and visitors alike can enjoy a self-guided bar crawl through 8 CBD venues, each offering a signature cocktail. It's the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Geelong's vibrant bar scene and discover new favorites. From classic martinis to innovative mixes, the trail promises a night of indulgence and exploration.

In other news, Geelong is set to benefit from the upcoming VLocity trains. Manufacturing has started on Victoria's newest fleet of trains, designed to boost the capacity and reliability of regional rail transport. These modern trains will enhance the travel experience for commuters and tourists alike, offering a comfortable and efficient way to explore the picturesque regions of the state.

Did you know? The cocktail crawl will showcase Geelong's mixology talent and highlight the city's diverse bar culture. And with the introduction of the new VLocity trains, Geelong residents can look forward to improved connectivity and accessibility, making travel within and beyond the region a seamless experience.

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Image courtesy of "Times News Group"

Geelong bars mix together for cocktail crawl - Geelong Times (Times News Group)

Geelong's Urban Cocktail Trail! Self-guided bar crawl on April 6th with unique cocktails at 8 CBD venues. Perfect for exploring the city's bar scene.

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Image courtesy of "Times News Group"

Geelong to benefit from new VLocity trains as manufacturing begins ... (Times News Group)

MANUFACTURING has commenced on Victoria's latest fleet of VLocity trains, aimed at enhancing the capacity and reliability of the state's regional rail ...

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