2024 - 7 - 11

UEFA Adventures: Inside the Journey of Timbers Coach Liam Ridgewell

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From Timbers' training grounds to Zoom meetings and coaching collaborations in England, Liam Ridgewell's UEFA journey is one for the books!

UEFA A Certified: How Timbers assistant coach Liam Ridgewell is navigating the exciting world of European football. From the bustling Timbers training sessions to virtual Zoom calls, Ridgewell is immersing himself in the UEFA experience. While assisting with the Timbers, Ridgewell is also engaging in collaborative projects with coaching candidates in England, expanding his horizons in the football realm. His dedication and enthusiasm shine through as he embraces the challenges and rewards of obtaining his UEFA certification.

Ridgewell's UEFA adventure goes beyond the ordinary. Transitioning seamlessly from the intensity of Timbers' practices to interactive online sessions showcases his versatility. The blend of hands-on coaching experience with theoretical knowledge from UEFA courses is propelling Ridgewell towards coaching excellence. As he hones his skills in different settings, Ridgewell proves that dedication knows no bounds in the pursuit of UEFA certification.

In the midst of his UEFA journey, Ridgewell's commitment to growth is palpable. Balancing his responsibilities at Timbers while actively participating in coaching endeavors in England underscores his passion for football education. Ridgewell's journey exemplifies the importance of continual learning and development in the dynamic world of soccer coaching.

Taking on UEFA certification is no small feat, but Ridgewell's determination and passion set him apart. From the Timbers' grounds to virtual collaborations, his UEFA adventure is a testament to hard work and dedication. As he embarks on this transformative journey, Ridgewell paves the way for aspiring coaches to follow in his footsteps.

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UEFA A Certified: How Timbers assistant coach Liam Ridgewell ... (timbers.com)

From Timbers trainings to Zoom calls to working alongside coaching candidates in England, Ridgewell has been taking it all in.

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