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2024 - 7 - 11

Bubonic Plague Strikes Colorado Again: The Black Death Resurfaces in the US

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Health officials in Colorado are investigating a case of the bubonic plague, a rare and deadly bacterial infection. Find out more about this alarming resurgence in the US!

Colorado health officials are on high alert as they investigate a suspected case of the bubonic plague in a human, a rare bacterial infection infamous for its historical impact on millions. Mainly known for the 'Black Death,' the plague continues to make sporadic appearances, reminding the world of its lethal potential. In the US, most cases occur in the Southwest and the West, with about seven reported cases annually, according to the CDC.

Transmitted through flea bites or handling infected animals, including household pets, the plague remains endemic in the Southwest. Despite no longer being as lethal as in the Middle Ages, prompt antibiotic treatment is crucial for survival. The recent case in Colorado serves as a stark reminder that the 'Black Death' never truly disappeared, lurking in the shadows of modern times.

The resurgence of the bubonic plague highlights the ongoing threat posed by ancient diseases in contemporary society. While advancements in medicine have improved survival rates, the potential for outbreaks remains. Vigilance and quick responses are key to preventing the spread of such deadly infections. In the case of the plague, early detection and treatment are vital for containing its impact.

As Colorado grapples with the recent plague case, public health officials emphasize the importance of awareness and preventive measures. With around seven cases reported annually in the US, understanding the symptoms and risks associated with the plague is crucial. By staying informed and taking necessary precautions, individuals can help mitigate the resurgence of historical diseases in the modern world.

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Image courtesy of "NBC News"

Colorado health officials investigating human case of bubonic plague (NBC News)

Colorado health officials are investigating a suspected case in a human of the plague, the rare bacterial infection is infamously known for killing tens of ...

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Image courtesy of "USA TODAY"

A new plague case is a reminder: The 'Black Death' lingers in the US (USA TODAY)

In the U.S., most human cases occur in the Southwest and the West. About seven people get plague per year, the CDC said.

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Image courtesy of "TIME"

Colorado Plague Case Is a Reminder That the 'Black Death' Never ... (TIME)

Colorado Plague Case Is a Reminder That the 'Black Death' Never Really Went Away ... Scanning electron micrograph depicting a mass of Yersinia pestis bacteria ( ...

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Health officials confirm person in Colorado infected with bubonic ... (NBC Southern California)

Best known for โ€œThe Black Death,โ€ an outbreak that killed millions during the Middle Ages, the plague circulates naturally among wild rodents and in rare...

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Human case of bubonic plague diagnosed in Colorado (Deseret News)

The bacteria, which is transmitted by a flea bite or by handling an infected animal โ€” including sometimes cats โ€” is endemic in the Southwest. The source of the ...

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What To Know About Plague After Person Infected In Colorado (Forbes)

While no longer as lethal as the infection behind the Black Death, plague is still frequently fatal unless swiftly treated with antibiotics.

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Colorado public health officials confirm new case of human plague (The Independent)

About seven people are infected with the plague every year in the US, according to the CDC.

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