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Nicolas Cage's Thrilling Performance in 'Longlegs': A Horror Masterpiece in the Making

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Discover the intense world of 'Longlegs' with Nicolas Cage's captivating portrayal of a serial killer. Dive into the chilling storyline and behind-the-scenes revelations!

Nicolas Cage's latest movie venture in 'Longlegs' has taken the horror genre by storm, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats. Cage, drawing inspiration from his mother, brings to life an androgynous character with a prophetic aura, reminiscent of Fellini's 'Juliet of the Spirits.' The eerie and mysterious vibe of the film keeps viewers engaged, with FBI Agent Lee Harker, played by Maika Monroe, leading a riveting investigation into a Satanic killing spree.

As the hunt for new and genuinely scary horror films continues, 'Longlegs' emerges as a standout in the genre. Director Osgood Perkins's ambitious approach to the storyline has critics and fans alike in a frenzy. The tense and psychological thriller, featuring a stellar cast including Nicolas Cage as the chilling serial killer, promises a rollercoaster ride of emotions and fears for the audience.

Maika Monroe's revelation about her first encounter with Nicolas Cage on set adds to the intrigue surrounding the film. Monroe's heartbeat hitting 170 BPM during the intense scene hints at the immersive and unforgettable experience the movie delivers. The anticipation and excitement build as 'Longlegs' is set to captivate audiences with its well-crafted mix of suspense, horror, and exceptional performances.

In a world where horror films often struggle to deliver genuine scares, 'Longlegs' shines as a beacon of terrifying brilliance. The film's ability to keep viewers at the edge of their seats, combined with Nicolas Cage's exceptional portrayal of a menacing serial killer, cements its position as a must-watch horror masterpiece in the making.

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Image courtesy of "Hollywood Reporter"

Nicolas Cage on Taking 'Longlegs' Inspiration From His Mother and ... (Hollywood Reporter)

"I wanted the character to be an androgynous almost prophet, like in the Fellini movie 'Juliet of the Spirits,'" Cage said, while also drawing a connection ...

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Image courtesy of "Evening Standard"

Longlegs review: Do a runner from this generic horror where even ... (Evening Standard)

It's a grim, thankless task. The hunt for that elusive, 'genuinely scary' new horror movie is like picking through a wasteland of desiccated bones with ...

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Image courtesy of "IndieWire"

Longlegs Star Maika Monroe Didn't See Nicolas Cage Serial Killer ... (IndieWire)

Maika Monroe, star of Oz Perkins' 'Longlegs,' didn't meet Nicolas Cage until last day on set, which she tells IndieWire was 'absolutely insane.'

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Image courtesy of "Israel Hayom"

Osgood Perkins' ambitious horror film "Longlegs" has critics in a frenzy (Israel Hayom)

The film follows FBI Agent Lee Harker (Maika Monroe) as she investigates a Satanic killing spree: Church-going fathers in Oregon snap and kill their families, ...

'Longlegs' Interview: Director Osgood Perkins on Crafting Dark ... (We Live Entertainment)

Aaron Neuwirth interviews writer/director Osgood Perkins, who discusses what's behind developing Longlegs, what it's like to work with Nic Cage, and more.

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Image courtesy of "Flickering Myth"

Maika Monroe, Oz Perkins, Blair Underwood and Alicia Witt on ... (Flickering Myth)

EJ Moreno speaks with the team behind Longlegs… A director with a serious horror pedigree and a stellar cast has led Longlegs to be hailed as one of the ...

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Image courtesy of "The Hindu"

Maika Monroe's heartbeat hits 170 BPM during first encounter with ... (The Hindu)

"Experience the intense first encounter between Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage in the upcoming horror film Longlegs."

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Image courtesy of "Forbes"

'Longlegs' Is Well-Made Nonsense (Forbes)

FBI agent Lee Harker (Maika Monroe) pursues Longlegs (Nicholas Cage), a serial killer who's been on a twenty-year killing spree.

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Image courtesy of "Vancouver Sun"

Nicolas Cage plays serial killer in Vancouver-shot movie Longlegs (Vancouver Sun)

Director and writer Osgood Perkins says his tense, psychological thriller was inspired by Silence of the Lambs. Find out more.

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Image courtesy of "The Nerds of Color"

NOC Review: 'Longlegs' is the Most Disturbing Horror Film of the Year (The Nerds of Color)

But once in a while, indie studios like Neon will produce horror films that do what they're supposed to: scare the crap out of you. Such is the case with Osgood ...

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Image courtesy of "Hollywood Reporter"

'Longlegs' Director Says Nicolas Cage Stayed “Very Focused” on ... (Hollywood Reporter)

Nicolas Cage plays a Satanic serial killer in the new horror film 'Longlegs', but didn't do full method-acting in between takes.

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Image courtesy of "Original Cin"

Longlegs: The-Devil-Made-Them-Do-It FBI Procedural Uses Nic ... (Original Cin)

But the interesting thing about the remarkably intense, violent police-procedural/occult-drama Longlegs is that it doesn't overplay the Cage card.

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Image courtesy of "Deadline"

'Longlegs' Review: Nicolas Cage Manages To Top His Twisted ... (Deadline)

A review of 'Longlegs' in which Nicolas Cage outdoes his reputation for taking his characters to the limit, which he manages to do here.ever so creepy.

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Image courtesy of "Nerdist"

LONGLEGS Is a Very Weird, Very Upsetting, Thoroughly Captivating ... (Nerdist)

Longlegs has Nicolas Cage playing the creepiest of characters, and that's not even the best part of the movie. Read our review.

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Image courtesy of "BBC News"

Why grisly serial-killer horror Longlegs is this summer's great 'anti ... (BBC News)

Starring Nicolas Cage as a satanist mass murderer, Longlegs has been called "the scariest film of the decade". Here's why, despite its snowy setting, ...

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Image courtesy of "Hollywood Reporter"

Maika Monroe Talks Fighting for 'Longlegs,' Why She Nearly Gave ... (Hollywood Reporter)

A decade after breaking out with 'It Follows,' the horror movie vet hunts down a serial killer played by Nicolas Cage, who didn't break character until they ...

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Image courtesy of "USA TODAY"

'Longlegs' will haunt your nightmares and 'hijack your subconscious ... (USA TODAY)

The reviews are in and the critics agree unanimously: "Longlegs" is absolutely terrifying. The new film, starring Nicolas Cage, is out Friday.

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Image courtesy of "GamesRadar+"

Longlegs star Maika Monroe teases "very unexpected and super ... (GamesRadar+)

They Follow will catch up with a very different Jay, says Monroe.

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Image courtesy of "The Straits Times"

At The Movies: Scream queens slay in horror masterpiece Longlegs ... (The Straits Times)

Reviews of horror flicks featuring killer performances from Maika Monroe and Mia Goth. Read more at straitstimes.com.

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