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Asturias Government Creates Data Center Group: What You Need to Know

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Discover how the Government of Asturias is revolutionizing tech with a new Data Center group!

In a groundbreaking move, the Government of Asturias in Spain, along with its telecoms arm GITPA, and local tech association Cluster TIC Asturias, have joined forces to establish the Asturias Data Center group. This strategic collaboration aims to boost the region's technological infrastructure and foster innovation in the digital sphere. The inclusion of prominent companies like Seresco highlights the commitment to driving technological advancements.

The launch of the Asturias Data Center group signifies a significant step towards enhancing the region's digital capabilities. With the combined expertise and resources of the government, telecom sector, and tech companies, the initiative is poised to elevate Asturias as a hub for cutting-edge technology solutions. This innovative approach is set to attract tech talent and investment, positioning Asturias as a key player in the evolving digital landscape.

As Asturias embraces the digital era, the establishment of the Data Center group reinforces the region's commitment to digital transformation. Through this collaboration, Asturias is not only strengthening its technological infrastructure but also fostering a dynamic ecosystem for tech innovation. The integration of local companies underscores the collaborative spirit driving progress in the region's tech sector.

One interesting fact about this development is the diverse range of stakeholders involved, representing a cross-section of expertise from government, telecom, and software sectors. Additionally, the formation of the Data Center group reflects Asturias' proactive approach to leveraging technology for economic growth and competitiveness.

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Spain's Asturias gov't forms Asturias Data Center group (DatacenterDynamics)

The Government of Asturias and its telecoms arm GITPA, local association Cluster TIC Asturias, software firm Seresco, and other local companies have launched ...

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