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2024 - 7 - 8

Chelsea Handler Roasts The Project Co-host: Hilarious Showdown

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American comedian Chelsea Handler brings the heat on The Project, roasting co-host over failed joke. Read the full story here!

American comedian Chelsea Handler left no stone unturned on The Project as she hilariously ripped into one of the co-hosts during her recent appearance. The comedic showdown began when the co-host, Sam Taunton, cracked a joke about Barbie that fell flat. Handler wasted no time in delivering a sharp comeback, teasing, 'It is going to have to be a C-section.' The audience erupted in laughter as Handler's quick wit and sharp tongue took center stage. The banter between Handler and Taunton continued, creating a memorable and entertaining moment on the show. Handler's fearless comedic style and impeccable timing kept the energy high throughout the segment, leaving viewers in stitches and eagerly awaiting more of her comedic genius.

In a twist of events, the interaction between Handler and Taunton sparked a viral buzz on social media, with fans sharing clips of the hilarious exchange and praising Handler's comedic prowess. The meme-worthy moment quickly gained traction online, solidifying Handler's reputation as a master of comedy and satire. The Project's audience was treated to a rare display of unfiltered humor and playful banter, making the episode a standout in the show's history. Handler's bold and brazen approach to comedy not only entertained the audience but also showcased her ability to effortlessly command the spotlight and turn any situation into comedic gold.

As the uproarious banter unfolded, viewers were reminded of Handler's unmatched talent for skewering dull moments with her sharp wit and candid humor. The dynamic between Handler and Taunton provided a refreshing and comedic break in the show, highlighting Handler's unique ability to infuse every interaction with her signature brand of comedy. The exchange served as a reminder of Handler's enduring legacy in the comedy world and left audience members eagerly anticipating her next appearance on The Project.

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US comedian rips into The Project co-host (

American comedian Chelsea Handler took no prisoners during her appearance on The Project, roasting one of the co-hosts over a failed joke.

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Chelsea Handler rips into The Project's 'unfunny' comedian Sam ... (Daily Mail)

The American comedian came in hot, immediately mocking panelist Sam Taunton after his Barbie joke failed to land. 'It is going to have to be a C-section,' Sam ...

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