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2024 - 7 - 6

Biden's High-Stakes Interview: The Inside Scoop

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Discover the key takeaways from Joe Biden's recent high-stakes TV interview that had everyone talking! 🎥

Joe Biden recently faced a pivotal moment in his presidential campaign as he sat down for a crucial network TV interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos. The pressure was on as Biden aimed to silence critics calling for him to quit the race. However, his confidence, bordering on arrogance, about his presidency and ability to defeat Donald Trump raised eyebrows and left doubts lingering in the air. Despite his assertiveness, Biden's interview did little to dispel uncertainties surrounding his future.

As the world watched, Biden's first TV appearance since the debate felt more like a medical consultation than a political discussion. The scrutiny was intense, highlighting the gravity of the situation as Biden navigated questions about his age and suitability for the presidency. Amidst mounting pressure, Biden remained defiant, dismissing concerns about his health and reiterating his commitment to stay in the race.

While the interview was highly anticipated, it was marked by a defensive tone, especially regarding Biden's performance in the previous debate. Analysts noted his reluctance to address criticism head-on, indicating a defensive stance that could impact his re-election efforts. Biden's demeanor during the interview painted a picture of a candidate under immense scrutiny and battling to regain lost ground.

In a surprising admission, Biden revealed that he felt terrible during the debate, attributing his performance to feeling unwell due to a cold. This revelation provided a glimpse into the personal challenges Biden faced during a critical moment in his campaign. Despite his struggles, Biden's determination to continue the race underscores his resilience in the face of adversity, setting the stage for a fierce electoral battle ahead.

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6 takeaways from Biden's high-stakes interview (NPR)

In an effort to quell calls for him to quit the race, Biden sat for a network TV interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos Friday night. Did it work?

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Image courtesy of "The Economist"

Joe Biden's ABC interview will not quell doubts about his future (The Economist)

Joe Biden expressed confidence, bordering on arrogance, about his presidency and ability to beat Donald Trump in November. And he made clear that he had no ...

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Image courtesy of "Maine Morning Star"

Biden in first TV interview since debate denies medical condition: 'It ... (Maine Morning Star)

President Joe Biden on Friday in his first televised interview since the presidential debate defended his reelection bid and rejected calls that he should ...

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Biden's make-or-break interview felt like a medical consultation (Sky News)

It was the world's biggest job interview. Joe Biden's grilling on primetime TV was a test of suitability for the dual role of president and election winner, ...

Biden Dismisses Age Questions in TV Interview as He Tries to ... (TIME)

President Joe Biden, fighting to save his endangered re-election effort, spoke out during a highly-anticipated TV interview on Friday.

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Biden's ABC interview was 'very defensive' about his poor debate ... (The Cairns Post)

US Studies Centre Research Director Jared Mondschein says Joe Biden's ABC interview was “very defensive” about his poor presidential debate performance.

'I was feeling terrible' in debate, Biden says in TV interview | Macau ... (Macau Business)

International, MNA | Joe Biden vowed Friday to stay in the White House race and blamed his dismal debate performance on "feeling terrible" due to a cold, ...

Biden dismisses age questions in key TV interview (The North West Star)

President Joe Biden has used a key TV interview to repeatedly reject taking an independent medical evaluation that...

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Defiant Biden says no intention to exit presidential race in TV interview (

US president says his recent debacle in a televised debate with Donald Trump was due to 'exhaustion' and a 'bad cold'.

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Image courtesy of "The Guardian"

Biden defiant as America reacts to make-or-break TV interview – live (The Guardian)

Amid growing calls for his exit, president told ABC only 'the Lord almighty' could make him exit 2024 race.

Week in politics: Biden tries to do debate damage control with ABC ... (NPR)

President Biden gave an exclusive interview to ABC News Friday and tried to calm voters concerned about whether he should run for another term.

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Did Joe Biden's ABC Interview Stanch the Bleeding or Prolong It? (The New Yorker)

Evan Osnos writes on Joe Biden's ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos and his Presidential-election prospects, in the wake of his controversial debate ...

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Image courtesy of "BBC News"

TV interview fails to quell Democrats' concerns about Biden's fitness (BBC News)

A day after the interview, a fifth Democratic member of Congress has called on him to end his bid for re-election.

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Radio host who interviewed Biden says aides provided questions in ... (CNN)

Joe Biden's team provided a list of questions to a radio host who interviewed the president this week in the aftermath of his debate performance, the host ...

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'It's when, not if': Smerconish on Biden's ABC interview | CNN Politics (CNN)

It's when, not if,” CNN's Michael Smerconish weighs in on President Joe Biden's high-stakes interview on ABC.

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FactChecking Biden's Post-Debate TV Interview - (

In his first televised interview since his admittedly “bad” presidential debate, President Joe Biden made a few exaggerated and misleading statements.

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Image courtesy of "ABC News"

2nd local radio host says they were given questions ahead of Biden ... (ABC News)

"Yes, I was given some questions for Biden," Earl Ingram of CivicMedia told ABC News.

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Image courtesy of "CBS News"

Biden campaign provided a list of approved questions for 2 radio ... (CBS News)

A Biden campaign spokesperson said in a statement that "it's not at all an uncommon practice for interviewees to share topics they would prefer," calling ...

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8.5 Million Viewers Watch ABC's Prime Time Interview With Joe Biden (Forbes)

ABC's prime time interview with President Joe Biden—his first one-on-one interview since his heavily-criticized debate with Donald Trump—was a ratings smash ...

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Image courtesy of "CNN"

Biden's ABC interview does nothing to quell the existential crisis ... (CNN)

President Joe Biden's struggle to prove he's got the strength and cognitive capacity for a second term is becoming an excruciating personal and national ...

President Biden had a high-stakes interview. How did it go? (WUNC)

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Well, I don't believe that's my approval rating. That's not what our polls show. STEPHANOPOULOS: And if you stay in and Trump is elected ...

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