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Turkey: From Joyful Train Rides to Anti-Syrian Riots

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Discover the contrasting experiences in Turkey, from scenic train rides to alarming anti-Syrian violence.

Turkey offers a unique blend of experiences, from the joyful Mesopotamia Express train journey with its great food and music to the rise of barefoot luxury transforming the country into the new Maldives. However, this picturesque image is marred by recent anti-Syrian riots, leading to protests, arrests, and border closures. The violence, targeting Syrian businesses and refugees, has shocked many and led to a heightened state of tension in the region. Amidst this turmoil, Turkey is also investigating organised bot activity fueling anti-migrant sentiments, adding another layer of complexity to the situation. With mobs attacking Syrian refugees and escalating tensions on the border with Syria, Turkey faces challenges of xenophobia and political unrest.

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Image courtesy of "The Guardian"

Across Turkey by train: riding the Mesopotamia Express (The Guardian)

With lengthy stops for side trips, this long-distance journey is a joyful, social experience accompanied by great food and music.

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Image courtesy of "Telegraph.co.uk"

How Turkey became the new Maldives (Telegraph.co.uk)

Barefoot luxury has arrived in a country better known for its sprawling seaside resorts.

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Image courtesy of "Aljazeera.com"

Protests and arrests as anti-Syrian riots rock Turkey (Aljazeera.com)

More than 470 people have been taken into custody after crowds attacked Syrian shops and cars in central Turkey.

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Image courtesy of "Financial Times"

Turkey detains hundreds after violence erupts against Syrians (Financial Times)

Turkey has detained hundreds of people after two nights of violent protests targeting the country's large Syrian population. Around 475 people were detained ...

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Image courtesy of "The New Arab"

Turkey detained hundreds after anti-Syrian riots (The New Arab)

A group of men targeted Syrian businesses and properties in Kayseri on Sunday, with videos on social media showing a grocery store being set on fire.

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Image courtesy of "Voice of America"

Turkey closes border with Syria in face of violence (Voice of America)

Turkey closed a handful of border crossings into northwest Syria on Tuesday, a day after Turkish troops in Syria were fired on by Syrians protesting ...

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Image courtesy of "Balkan Insight"

Turkey Probes Organised Bot Activity on X Stirring Anti-Migrant ... (Balkan Insight)

The Police is probing bot accounts suspected of running the organised hate speech campaign that has fuelled anti-refugee protests all over Turkey.

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Image courtesy of "Reuters"

Turkey closes Syria border after violence flares in both countries (Reuters)

Turkey closed its main border crossings into northwest Syria on Tuesday after Turkish troops came under fire from Syrians angered by violence against their ...

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Image courtesy of "The Indian Express"

With fists and knives, mobs attack Syrian refugees in Turkey (The Indian Express)

Across the border in parts of northern Syria where Turkey holds sway, Syrians have confronted the Turkish soldiers in their midst, pelting their vehicles ...

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Image courtesy of "BBC News"

Watch: Syrians attack Turkish troops after anti-migrant riots (BBC News)

Footage on social media shows people firing at Turkish military vehicles and throwing stones at a base.

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Image courtesy of "POLITICO.eu"

Germany and Turkey clash over football player's nationalist wolf salute (POLITICO.eu)

Symbols of Turkish right-wing extremists have no place in our stadiums,โ€ a German minister said.

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Image courtesy of "FRANCE 24"

Turkey summons German envoy in row over Demiral's nationalist ... (FRANCE 24)

Turkey on Wednesday summoned Germany's ambassador over a row that erupted due to Turkish defender Merih Demiral making an alleged ultra-nationalist gesture ...

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Image courtesy of "World Politics Review"

Turkey's Rapprochement With the Gulf States Is Gathering Pace (World Politics Review)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman walk during a welcome ceremony at Al Salam Palace, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ...

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Image courtesy of "The Associated Press"

UEFA investigates Turkey player Merih Demiral for celebrating a ... (The Associated Press)

UEFA has launched an investigation into Turkey soccer player Merih Demiral's โ€œalleged inappropriate behaviorโ€ after he celebrated a goal at Euro 2024 by ...

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Image courtesy of "The Guardian"

Turkey's Merih Demiral facing ban over 'wolf' celebration in win over ... (The Guardian)

Merih Demiral, Turkey's goalscorer from their last-16 win over Austria, could face a ban after Uefa opened an investigation into a gesture with apparent ...

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Image courtesy of "TIME"

What to Know About Anti-Syrian Unrest in Turkey (TIME)

At least 474 people have been arrested by Turkish police for attacks against Syrian refugees in Turkey.

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Image courtesy of "ESPN Australia"

Turkey 2-1 Austria (3 Jul, 2024) Game Analysis - ESPN (AU) (ESPN Australia)

Expert recap and game analysis of the Turkey vs. Austria Uefa European Championship game from 3 July 2024 on ESPN (AU).

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Image courtesy of "The Athletic"

The chaos of Austria vs Turkey: part Bundesliga, part South America ... (The Athletic)

Turkey are through to the quarter-finals after an exciting win over Austria which had a bit of everything.

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Image courtesy of "The Sydney Morning Herald"

Epic save helps Turkey advance at Euros (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Turkey goalkeeper Mert Gunok pulled off one of the saves of the Euros to progress to the quarter finals.

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Image courtesy of "The Media Line"

Turkey Closes Border with Syria in Response to Widespread ... (The Media Line)

Turkish authorities closed the main border crossing into northwest Syria on Monday after security forces in the area were attacked by locals enraged by the ...

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