Italy Euro 2024

2024 - 6 - 30

Italy Euro 2024: Shocking Upset as Switzerland Defeats Holders Italy

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In a major upset, Switzerland knocks out Euro 2020 champions Italy 2-0 in a thrilling last-16 match. Coach Spalletti under fire for Italy's disappointing performance. Read more on the shocking Euro 2024 clash here!

In a surprising turn of events at UEFA Euro 2024, Switzerland pulled off a stunning upset by defeating the reigning champions, Italy, with a 2-0 victory in their last-16 match held in Berlin. The unexpected win left fans and pundits in awe as Italy's dream of retaining the title came to a crushing end.

The responsibility for Italy's early exit from Euro 2024 has sparked intense debate, with much of the criticism directed towards coach Luciano Spalletti. While some attribute Italy's disappointing performance to underwhelming players, the spotlight remains firmly on Spalletti as the one ultimately responsible for the team's lackluster display.

Following Italy's elimination, the football world was abuzz with discussions labeling Italy as the worst in a 'lifetime' after their defeat to Switzerland. Pundits didn't hold back as they criticized the defending champions, contrasting their performance with Germany's progression to the quarterfinals, further deepening Italy's Euro 2024 woes.

As Italy begins to assess the aftermath of their embarrassing Euros elimination, calls for a comprehensive review and analysis have surfaced. The holders' lackluster showing against Switzerland in the last 16 has prompted the need for a thorough investigation into the team's performance and strategies, signaling a challenging period ahead for Italian football.

In the wake of the shocking outcome, Italy's coach Luciano Spalletti faced heightened scrutiny with critics labeling the match as a 'coach killer.' The Azzurri's inability to mount a comeback against Switzerland left fans disheartened, while Switzerland celebrated their back-to-back quarter-final qualifications at the EUROs, marking a historic achievement for the Swiss national team.

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Switzerland defeats holders Italy to reach UEFA Euro 2024 ... (

In a major upset, Switzerland knocked out Euro 2020 champions Italy 2-0 in their last-16 match in Berlin.

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Responsibility for Italy Euro 2024 exit lies with Spalletti - ESPN (ESPN Australia)

Italy's disappointing Euros could be explained away by underwhelming players but it's hard not to point the finger at coach Luciano Spalletti.

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Euro 2024 five quick hits — Italy labelled worst in a 'lifetime' after ... (ABC News)

Italy is out after going down to Switzerland, as the pundits sink the boot into the defending champions, while Germany progresses to the quarterfinals.

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Italy begin inquest after suffering embarrassing Euros elimination (The Guardian)

The holders were meekly disposed of by Switzerland in the last 16 and now a root-and-branch review is required.

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'Coach killer' - Horror Italy performance slammed as Spalletti's ... (Optus Sport)

The Azzurri never really looked likely of working their way back into the match as Switzerland reached back-to-back quarter-finals at the EUROs. Speaking post- ...

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