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2024 - 6 - 30

UFC 303 Drama: Brian Ortega Out, Dan Ige Saves the Day Against Diego Lopes

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Last-minute fever sidelines Brian Ortega, Dan Ige steps up for an epic showdown at UFC 303!

In a whirlwind of events at UFC 303, just minutes before the main card in Las Vegas, Brian Ortega was forced to withdraw from his fight due to a high fever of 103 degrees. This unexpected turn of events led to the quick replacement of Dan Ige, who fearlessly stepped in to face Diego Lopes in a catchweight battle. The anticipation and excitement soared as fans witnessed this historic moment in the octagon.

Diego Lopes found himself facing a new opponent, Dan Ige, in a co-main event that will go down in UFC history. The last-minute switch-up added an element of surprise and intrigue to an already stacked fight card. Despite the abrupt change, both fighters showcased their skills and determination in a showdown that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

The unexpected matchup between Dan Ige and Diego Lopes turned out to be a clash of titans, with both fighters giving it their all in the octagon. This impromptu fight captured the essence of UFC's unpredictability and the resilience of its athletes. The fighting spirit and sportsmanship displayed by Ige and Lopes left a lasting impression on fans and critics alike.

As the dust settled at UFC 303, the resilience and adaptability of UFC fighters like Dan Ige and Diego Lopes shone through, proving that in the world of MMA, anything can happen. The adrenaline-pumping last-minute changes and unexpected matchups added an extra layer of excitement to the event, showcasing the true essence of the sport.

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UFC 303: Brian Ortega out, Dan Ige in vs. Diego Lopes in last ... (Yahoo Sport Australia)

Minutes before the start of the main card in Las Vegas, Ortega withdrew from his fight due to a fever of 103 degrees. His previously scheduled opponent Diego ...

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'WHAT?': UFC star saves day amid 'insane' 3-hour twist; 19-second ... (Fox Sports)

There has been a stunning last-minute change to the co-main event of Sunday's card, with Dan Ige stepping in to fight Diego Lopes at catchweight after Brian ...

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Diego Lopes vs. Dan Ige Historic UFC 303 Fight Booked After Brian ... (Bleacher Report)

In a historic moment for the UFC, Dan Ige is stepping in to fight Diego Lopes in the UFC 303 co-main event after Brian Ortega withdrew just hours before ...

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Brian Ortega out of UFC 303 co-main event, Diego Lopes gets last ... (MMAWeekly)

Dan Ige stepped up on hours notice to step in for Ortega. Lopes had to weigh-in again and the two will fight at a catchweight of 165 pounds.

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Diego Lopes reacts to Brian Ortega matchup at UFC 303, picks Max ... (MMA Fighting)

Diego Lopes previews his UFC 303 co-main event matchup with Brian Ortega, and discusses a potential Ilia Topuria vs. Max Holloway fight.

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Brian Ortega withdraws from UFC 303; Dan Ige steps in vs. Diego ... (

What would 2024's International Fight Week be without additional last-minute drama and more massive changes to the UFC 303 main card Brian Ortega was ...

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