The Bikeriders

2024 - 6 - 29

Unraveling the Thrilling World of 'The Bikeriders': From Stunts with Tom Hardy to Class Antagonism in Chicago

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Discover the drama, action, and allure of the motorcycle club in 'The Bikeriders' starring Jodie Comer, Austin Butler, and Tom Hardy. Uncover the world of biker culture, nuanced villains, and the rugged '60s Chicago setting!

Ride into the electrifying world of 'The Bikeriders,' a captivating film that delves into the raw essence of a motorcycle club led by the fearless Kathy, portrayed by the talented Jodie Comer. Through Kathy's lens, viewers are taken on a gripping journey filled with adrenaline-pumping stunts and intense bar brawls, including scenes with renowned actors like Tom Hardy and Austin Butler. As the plot unfolds, the movie immerses audiences in the enigmatic world of biker culture, showcasing the allure and complexities of outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Further adding to the film's intrigue is the portrayal of class antagonism in the Chicago-based setting of the '60s. The juxtaposition of the greaser '60s against the hippie era brings to light a lesser-explored narrative, shedding light on rebellions, conflicts, and societal divides during that tumultuous time. Directed by Jeff Nichols and adapted from Danny Lyon's photographic book, 'The Bikeriders' offers a unique perspective on the underbelly of society, where loyalty, camaraderie, and rebellion intersect in a gritty and visually striking portrayal.

'The Bikeriders' not only entertains but also provokes thought on masculinity, violence, and the fascination with outlaw lifestyles. With a stellar cast including Jodie Comer, Austin Butler, and Tom Hardy, the film captures the essence of brotherhood, danger, and the thrill of the open road. Experience the heart-pounding excitement and the moral complexities of 'The Bikeriders' as it unravels the untamed spirit of motorcycle clubs and the individuals who inhabit this daring world.

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The Bikeriders - Portsmouth Daily Times (Portsmouth Daily Times)

Onto the film. The movie follows the journey of a motorcycle club through the eyes of Kathy, played by Jodie Comer. Kathy's perspective provides a unique lens ...

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The Bikeriders Stunts: Bar Brawls With Tom Hardy, Austin Butler (IndieWire)

The Bikeriders stunt coordinator Freddie Poole tells IndieWire about working with Tom Hardy and Austin Butler on Jeff Nichol's biker gang drama.

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Toby Wallace on 'The Bikeriders', channelling Willem Dafoe, and ... (Hunger TV)

The rising British-Australian actor gracing our screens in 'The Bikeriders' discusses biker culture's allure, creating nuanced villains, and making the jump ...

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New film 'The Bikeriders' shows motorcycle club, outcasts who ... (KABC-TV)

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- "The Bikeriders" is hoping to rev things up at box office. Some big names head the cast of this R-rated crime drama. The film is fiction ...

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Class Antagonism Is on Full Display in Chicago-Based <em>The ... (

The greaser '60s just never get as much attention as the hippie '60s. We've all read about the rebellions on college campuses: the long hair, the anti-war ...

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10 Best Movies Like The Bikeriders (Screen Rant)

Directed by Jeff Nichols, the drama-crime film delves into the rugged world of a 1960s Chicago biker gang. Adapted from Danny Lyon's photographic book, The ...

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'The Bikeriders' Shares a Lot of Similarities With Martin Scorsese's ... (

The Big Picture · The Bikeriders, starring Jodie Comer, Austin Butler, and Tom Hardy, explores masculinity, violence, and the allure of outlaw biker clubs. · The ...

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Mucking with Movies: 'The Bikeriders' (Aspen Times)

Jack Simon is a mogul coach and writer/director who enjoys eating food he can't afford, traveling to places out of his budget, and creating art about skiing, ...

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Austin Butler's 'The Bikeriders' Gets A Digital Streaming Date (Forbes)

Tom Hardy, Austin Butler and Jodie Comer's motorcycle movie “The Bikeriders” is coming soon to digital streaming. Click in to find out when and where you ...

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REVIEW: 'Bikeriders' an intriguing exploration of 60s motorcycle ... (The Lawton Constitution)

Amazing performances from its three leads and a certain real-world veracity elevate “The Bikeriders” beyond another antihero counterculture film into ...

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'The Bikeriders' VOD on July 9, Only 3 Weeks After Theatrical ... (Jordan Ruimy)

Focus has decided to quickly ship this one out digitally as Nichols' film will be available July 9 on VOD, only 3 weeks after the film's theatrical release.

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1960s rebel cool captured in 'The Bikeriders' (North State Journal)

Jeff Nichols dreamed of making a film about a 1960s motorcycle club for more than 20 years. The obsession started when he first read Danny Lyon's book “The ...

"Bikeriders," "Exorcism" Hit PVOD In 3 Weeks - Dark Horizons (Dark Horizons)

Jeff Nichols' biker drama “The Bikeriders,' starring Tom Hardy, Jodie Comer and Austin Butler, has landed good (but not great) reviews and so far has ...

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