NBA Draft Round 2

2024 - 6 - 28

2024 NBA Draft Round 2 Madness: Predictions, Grades, and Top Prospects

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Get ready for the excitement of the 2024 NBA Draft Round 2 with predictions, grades, and top prospects! Find out where the best players could land and which teams excelled in the second round.

The 2024 NBA Draft Round 2 is set to be a rollercoaster ride of predictions and surprises. With top prospects still on the board, basketball fans are eagerly awaiting to see where these talented players will be picked. From the best available players to potential draft destinations, the anticipation is at an all-time high. As teams strategize and make their selections, the excitement builds with each pick, leading to an intense and thrilling draft experience.

As the draft concluded, teams like the Pacers, 76ers, and Jazz emerged as frontrunners in the second round, impressing fans and analysts alike with their smart picks. The analysis of each selection provides insights into the future impact these players may have on their respective teams. With experts weighing in on the talent pool and potential steals, the draft grades offer a comprehensive overview of the night's events.

Bleacher Report's Jonathan Wasserman adds to the excitement by ranking the top prospects available, adding to the suspense of where these players could end up. The anticipation mounts as teams make their choices, with fans and analysts alike eagerly waiting to see how the draft unfolds. With unexpected twists and potential trades in the mix, the second round promises to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

In a unique twist, the 2024 NBA Draft features a second day for the first time, setting the stage for even more trades and player movements. With live results and grades from experts, including Kyle Irving from Sporting News, basketball enthusiasts can stay updated on every pick and analysis from both rounds. The buzz around the draft continues to grow, making it a must-watch event for all NBA fans.

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Round 2 NBA mock draft: Best available players, predictions - ESPN (ESPN Australia)

Who are the best players still on the board -- and where could they go in the second round? We project the next 28 picks of the NBA draft.

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2024 NBA Draft Round 2 Grades: Picks and analysis (ProBasketballTalk)

The 2024 NBA Draft concluded on Thursday, with the Pacers, 76ers, and Jazz among the teams that did well in the second round.

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Bleacher Report: Ranking Top 45 prospects entering Round 2 of ... (

B/R's Jonathan Wasserman reviews the top prospects still on the board as the second round of the 2024 NBA Draft nears.

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2024 NBA Draft grades: Complete pick-by-pick analysis for Rounds ... (

We are here to guide you through all 58 picks with grades from CBS Sports NBA Draft analysts Adam Finkelstein (in Round 1) and Kyle Boone (Round 2). 2024 NBA ...

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2024 NBA Mock Draft: Complete Round 2 Predictions (Bleacher Report)

Only three players projected in Bleacher Report's first round were left over for Thursday's second round. Kansas' Johnny Furphy, Marquette's Tyler Kolek ...

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2024 NBA second-round mock draft: What to look for on Day 2 ... (The New York Times)

Expect a lot of trades and movement as the NBA holds a second day of the draft for the first time on Thursday.

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NBA Draft grades 2024: Live results and analysis for every pick in ... (Sporting News AU)

Follow along as Sporting News' Kyle Irving hands out live grades with expert analysis on every 2024 NBA Draft pick from Rounds 1-2.

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