Uncle Frog's Mushroom Gummies

2024 - 6 - 26

Warning: Uncle Frog's Mushroom Gummies Hospitalise Consumers

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Public health alert issued in NSW after mushroom gummies send multiple to hospitals!

Uncle Frog's Mushroom Gummies have made quite a buzz, but not in a good way. Since April 2024, at least five individuals have been rushed to hospitals in NSW after consuming these peculiar treats. Named Uncle Frog's Mushroom Gummies โ€“ Cordyceps, these seemingly innocent snacks have led to disturbing consequences for some consumers, prompting a public health warning. The situation escalated as hospitalisations were also reported in other states, raising concerns and highlighting the potential dangers of these mushroom-infused candies.

The alarming incidents have prompted health authorities to issue a cautionary alert, urging the public to steer clear of Uncle Frog's Mushroom Gummies. The mysterious repercussions of these gummies have left both consumers and healthcare professionals puzzled, with the exact cause of the hospitalisations still under investigation. This unexpected turn of events serves as a stark reminder of the importance of being cautious about the products we consume, especially when it comes to unconventional treats like mushroom gummies.

In a surprising twist, the mushroom gummies have managed to spark widespread attention and speculation, with social media buzzing about the unexpected consequences of indulging in these unique candies. The curiosity surrounding Uncle Frog's Mushroom Gummies continues to grow, as the public eagerly awaits further updates on the ongoing investigation to unravel the mystery behind the hospitalisations. As the saga unfolds, one thing remains clear โ€“ the mushroom gummies have become a cautionary tale and a reminder of the importance of food safety and product awareness.

Warning: Hospitalisations after consuming Uncle Frog's Mushroom ... (NSW Health)

Since April 2024, at least five people have been treated in NSW hospitals after ingesting the gummies, named. Uncle Frog's Mushroom Gummies โ€“ Cordyceps; Uncle ...

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Warning after mushroom gummies send at least five people to ... (9News)

A๏ปฟ public health warning has been issued after mushroom gummies left at least five people hospitalised across NSW, with some suffering "disturbing ...

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Public warned not to eat Uncle Frog's Mushroom Gummies after five ... (7NEWS.com.au)

Since April at least five people have been treated in NSW hospitals after eating the gummies, with hospitalisations also recorded interstate. Know the news with ...

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