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Jelena Dokic's First Meal in Croatia Revealed: A Cooking Adventure with Adam Liaw

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Find out what tennis star Jelena Dokic eats when she lands in Croatia! Plus, Croatia's electronic communications market sees a revenue surge.

When tennis sensation Jelena Dokic lands in Croatia, her first meal is a delightful cooking experience with celebrity chef Adam Liaw. The duo showcases a fusion of flavors, with Dokic trying traditional Croatian dishes like sarma and pasticada for the first time. The culinary adventure is captured on 'The Cook Up,' revealing Dokic's love for exploring new cuisines.

In other news, Croatia's electronic communications market has seen significant growth, with revenue reaching 423.6 million euros ($453 million) in the January-March period. This marks a 4.6% increase compared to the previous year. The surge in revenue highlights the country's thriving digital landscape, attracting attention from investors and tech enthusiasts.

Looking at the culinary side, Dokic's experience in Croatia extends beyond the kitchen, as she discovers the richness of local produce and authentic flavors. Her journey becomes a source of inspiration for food lovers worldwide, showcasing the beauty of blending cultures through food.

On the tech front, the growth of Croatia's electronic communications market opens up opportunities for innovation and digital transformation. With the market expansion, businesses and consumers can expect enhanced connectivity and cutting-edge services, shaping the country's digital future.

In conclusion, Jelena Dokic's culinary exploration in Croatia and the booming electronic communications market reflect the country's dynamic and diverse landscape. From savoring traditional delicacies to embracing technological advancements, Croatia continues to charm and evolve on both gastronomic and digital fronts.

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The first thing Jelena Dokic eats when she lands in Croatia (SBS)

A man and a woman stand behind a kitchen bench. She is pouring rice into. Adam Liaw and Jelena Dokic on The Cook Up. Credit: Jiwon Kim.

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Croatia's electronic communications market generated 423.6 million euro ($453 million) in revenue in the January-March period, up by 4.6% on the year, ...

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