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2024 - 6 - 25

Outrage as Australian Governor-General's Salary Surges: Labor Proposes Controversial Pay Rise

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Labor proposes a staggering pay increase for the incoming Governor-General, stirring up anger and controversy in Australia. Find out the details!

Labor seeks to raise the incoming Governor-General's salary by a significant 43%, causing uproar and debate across the country. The Albanese government is pushing a bill to increase Sam Mostyn's salary to align with the estimated average of the Chief Justice of the High Court. This move has sparked outrage as the new Governor-General's salary is set to soar to $709,017, more than 40% higher than the previous holder of the position.

The decision to grant such a substantial pay rise has been met with criticism. Anthony Albanese's proposal to increase the incoming Governor-General's salary by $200,000 has been denounced as 'indefensible' amidst a historic cost-of-living crisis in Australia. The public backlash reflects concerns over the government's priorities and handling of economic issues.

As Sam Mostyn prepares to take on her new role, the debate on the Governor-General's salary continues to escalate. The controversy surrounding the significant pay rise raises questions about income inequality and government spending priorities. Labor faces backlash over the decision, with many questioning the fairness and necessity of such a substantial increase for the incoming Governor-General.

In the midst of heated discussions, the focus remains on the implications of the proposed salary hike. The debate brings attention to the role of the Governor-General, their responsibilities, and the public perception of their remuneration. As Australia prepares for a new chapter with Sam Mostyn as Governor-General, the issue of executive salaries and government decisions on compensation remains a topic of intense scrutiny.

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Image courtesy of "The Guardian"

Labor seeks to raise incoming governor general's salary by more ... (The Guardian)

Albanese government wants bill passed to lift Sam Mostyn's salary by 43%, in line with estimated average of chief justice of the high court's salary.

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Why the Governor-General's salary will increase (The Daily Aus)

A document explaining the pay rise says that in the past โ€œa Governor-General has been the recipient of other Commonwealth entitlementsโ€ and โ€œMs Mostyn is not a ...

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Why a 43 per cent pay rise has caused controversy (SBS)

Australia's next governor-general Sam Mostyn will be sworn in on 1 July and will receive a salary of $709017.

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Anger as pay soars to $709000 for new governor-general (Yahoo News Australia)

Sam Mostyn will get a salary more than 40 per cent higher than that of her predecessor when she becomes the next Australian governor-general.

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New Governor-General's $200k pay rise slammed as 'indefensible' (Daily Telegraph)

Anthony Albanese has been blasted over a proposal that would give the incoming Governor-General a $200000 pay rise amid a historic cost-of-living crisis, ...

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Incoming governor-general set to get large pay rise (The Canberra Times)

Sam Mostyn will get a salary more than 40 per cent higher than that of her predecessor when...

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Labor faces backlash over Governor-General's $700000+ salary (Sky News Australia)

The Albanese government's decision to grant incoming Governor-General Sam Mostyn a significant pay rise has sparked controversy amid a national cost of ...

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