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2024 - 6 - 10

Tsunoda Blames Wind Gust for Canada F1 Qualifying Setback

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Yuki Tsunoda believes a sudden wind gust affected his performance in the Canadian Grand Prix qualifying, costing him a higher position on the grid. #F1 #Tsunoda #CanadianGP

Yuki Tsunoda, the young Japanese driver, expressed his frustration after finishing in eighth place during the qualifying session for the Canada F1 Grand Prix. Tsunoda claimed that a powerful wind gust disrupted his final run in Q3, impacting his lap time and preventing him from securing a better position on the grid. Despite showing promising pace throughout the weekend, Tsunoda's hopes of a top qualifying result were dashed by the unpredictable weather conditions. The Red Bull AlphaTauri driver remains optimistic and determined to make up for the setback in the race. In the upcoming Grand Prix, Tsunoda aims to showcase his true potential and climb up the rankings, leaving the wind-related challenges behind him.

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Tsunoda reveals wind gust cost him on last Canada F1 Q3 run (Motorsport Week)

Yuki Tsunoda is convinced that he could have qualified higher than eighth place for Formula 1's Canadian Grand Prix had a gust of wind not cost him on his ...

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