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2024 - 6 - 9

Longmire Impressed by Papley: Swans Soar Despite Slow Start

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Discover the under-the-radar moment that caught Longmire's eye in Sydney's recent win! ๐Ÿ‰ #Swans #TomPapley #AFL

In a recent AFL match, Sydney Swans showcased an impressive performance against Geelong, catching the attention of coach John Longmire. Longmire couldn't help but praise the standout player, Tom Papley, for a moment that flew under the radar but highlighted his exceptional skills on the field. Despite the victory, Longmire shared his concern over the team's slow start, emphasizing the need for a more consistent performance in future games. The game, held at the SCG, was a thrilling display of talent and strategy, leaving fans eager for more electrifying matches from the Swans.

Tom Papley's performance not only impressed Longmire but also solidified his position as a key player in the Swans' lineup. Known for his agility and scoring ability, Papley's contributions on the field have become increasingly vital for the team's success. Additionally, Longmire's emphasis on the slow start serves as a reminder for the Swans to maintain a strong momentum from the beginning of matches, ensuring they dominate the field early on and secure more convincing wins in the future.

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Under-the-radar Papley moment grabs Longmire's attention (AFL)

John Longmire praises Tom Papley and laments his side's slow start in Sydney's win over Geelong. By Martin Pegan at the SCG.

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