Harry McKay

2024 - 6 - 9

The Shocking Twist in Harry McKay's Draft Night Journey

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Discover the inside story of how Harry McKay's draft night took an unexpected turn!

Harry McKay's journey to the AFL was a rollercoaster of emotions, with a shocking twist that no one saw coming. As draft night approached, McKay's mum, Tracey, was convinced that the Adelaide Crows would select her son. The anticipation was high as the draft picks rolled in, until Carlton surprised everyone by picking McKay, leaving Tracey shocked and thrilled at the same time.

The revelation that McKay was almost drafted by Adelaide added an extra layer of suspense to an already tense night. The last-minute decision by Carlton to bring McKay to IKON Park caught everyone off guard, including McKay himself. The young talent had to quickly adjust to the sudden change in plans and embrace the new opportunity that awaited him.

Despite the initial confusion and surprise, McKay's transition to Carlton proved to be a pivotal moment in his career. The unexpected turn of events on draft night set the stage for McKay to showcase his skills and potential in a different environment, ultimately shaping his path in the AFL.

In hindsight, Tracey's unwavering belief in Adelaide drafting McKay highlights the unpredictable nature of the AFL draft. The twists and turns of McKay's draft night journey serve as a reminder that anything can happen in the world of professional sports, keeping fans and aspiring athletes on the edge of their seats.

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The inside story of how Harry McKay almost ended up being drafted ... (3AW)

Harry McKay's mum Tracey โ€œabsolutely believedโ€ her son would be drafted by Adelaide, before Carlton swooped late on draft night to bring him to IKON Park.

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Harry McKay in a bad way after collision involving twin Ben during ... (7NEWS.com.au)

Mum Tracey anxiously watched on as her son lay on the ground in pain.

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Harry McKay in poor shape after collision with twin brother Ben in ... (Football)

Harry McKay was diagnosed with concussion after his twin brother Ben collided during Carlton's clash with Essendon.

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'Thank god that's over': Blues coach's update on forward after McKay ... (Fox Sports)

Michael Voss reflected on Carlton's King's Birthday Eve triumph over Essendon that saw brothers Harry and Ben McKay collide in a physical contest, ...

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