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Outrage Over Anzac Day Tributes: Woolworths Faces Backlash

Anzac Day - Controversy - Woolworths

Controversy erupts as Woolworths comes under fire for Anzac Day biscuit stocking issues. One Nation senator Pauline Hanson expresses fury.

Anzac Day, a significant national day of remembrance in Australia, is marred by controversy this year. Air Distribution has created free Anzac Day Tributes for radio stations, offering a unique way to commemorate the day. However, Woolworths faces backlash for allegedly ditching Anzac Day in all stores due to a dispute over Anzac biscuits. The veteran community, including One Nation senator Pauline Hanson, erupts in fury over Woolworths' decision.

The supermarket giant, Woolworths, is at the center of the storm after not stocking Anzac Day biscuit tins this year. Despite stocking Anzac biscuits year-round, the absence of the special tins sparks outrage. The controversy escalates as Woolworths hits back at claims about abandoning Anzac Day traditions, further fueling the heated debate.

In response to the uproar, Woolworths faces heated criticism from veteran diggers and politicians, with Pauline Hanson making a strong statement against the supermarket chain. The dispute highlights the sensitive nature of commemorating Anzac Day and the importance of respecting national traditions.

Interesting Fact: Anzac Day was first observed in 1916 to honor the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who served in World War I. Another Fascinating Fact: Anzac biscuits were originally made by soldiers' wives and sent overseas as they could last the long journey without spoiling.

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Air Distribution tribute series available for Anzac Day - RadioInfo ... (Radioinfo)

For Anzac Day on Thursday April 25 Air Distribution have created Anzac Day Tributes free for all radio stations and broadcasters.

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Woolworths hits back at claims it has ditched Anzac Day in all stores (

The backlash was prompted by a controversial announcement about Anzac biscuits.

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Veteran diggers erupt as Woolworths turns its back on an iconic ... (Daily Mail)

Woolworths not stocking Anzac day biscuit tins this year · The supermarket was criticised by a veteran and senator · However, Woolworths stocks biscuits all year ...

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Hanson explodes at Woolies over Anzac Day (

Woolworths has responded to furious criticism levelled by One Nation senator Pauline Hanson over the stocking of RSL Australia's limited-edition Anzac ...

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Beloved Emu Plains ANZAC Day service to return (The Western Weekender)

This week, Federal Lindsay MP Melissa McIntosh confirmed the ceremony's return later this month. โ€œAlong with organisations including the City of Penrith RSL sub ...

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