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Miss Manners' April Fool's Birthday Woes

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Miss Manners shares her struggles with birthday pranks on April Fool's Day. Read her hilarious take on the unfortunate coincidence!

Is there anything more ironic than being born on April Fool's Day? Miss Manners certainly doesn't think so. In a recent column, she expressed her contempt for her birthday falling on the day of pranks and practical jokes. Every year, instead of enjoying a normal celebration, she becomes the unwitting target of well-meaning but ultimately hurtful pranks. The agony of anticipating what joke will be pulled on her special day has become an annual tradition of dread.

From fake cakes to surprise party cancellations, Miss Manners has seen it all. Despite her best efforts to remind friends and family of the inappropriateness of April Fool's pranks on her birthday, the date always seems to invite unwanted tomfoolery. The struggle of navigating through a day of both joy and jest has become a defining experience for Miss Manners, turning what should be a day of celebration into a comedy of errors.

In a twist of fate, Miss Manners finds herself at the mercy of the very etiquette breaches she advises others on. The irony of being a victim of pranks on a day dedicated to laughter is not lost on her. As she navigates the minefield of April Fool's Day each year, Miss Manners continues to provide her unique perspective on manners and social etiquette, even in the midst of the chaos that surrounds her birthday.

As we chuckle at Miss Manners' unfortunate birthday predicament, let's remember the lesson she imparts: sometimes the best-laid plans can go awry, especially when your birthday falls on a day known for its tricks and mischief. And while laughter is indeed the best medicine, perhaps a touch of empathy and consideration for others' feelings can make celebrations more meaningful and less prank-filled.

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Miss Manners: I hate my April Fool's birthday and getting pranked (The Washington Post)

Dear Miss Manners: Through no one's fault, I was born on the worst date ever. Each birth anniversary, there's a well-meaning but hurtful practical joke.

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