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Geelong Cats: Exciting Updates and Coaches Votes Revealed!

AFL Coaches Votes - Geelong Cats - Hawthorn - Jack Bowes - Round 3 - Round 4 - Tanner Bruhn - Tom Atkins - Tom Hawkins

Get the latest on Geelong Cats' lineup changes and player performances in Round 4 and Round 3. Find out which players shone in Tom Hawkins' 350th game!

The Geelong Cats had an eventful week with key players making a comeback in Round 4. Tanner Bruhn, Tom Atkins, and Jack Bowes returned to the line-up alongside the milestone celebration of Tom Hawkins' 350th game. Bruhn showcased his talent by achieving a career-high of 27 points, contributing significantly to the team's performance. The Cats' lineup changes brought a wave of excitement among fans as they witnessed the players' strong comeback on the field.

In Round 3, the Geelong players received recognition for their outstanding performance as revealed in the AFL Coaches Votes. Following their victory over Hawthorn, the team secured positive feedback from the coaches, highlighting a collective effort in securing the win. The players' dedication and hard work paid off, reflecting in the positive feedback shared by the AFL Coaches.

Interesting Fact: Tanner Bruhn's career-high performance in Round 4 showcased his potential as a rising star in the team. The young player's impact on the game was a testament to his skill and determination to succeed.

Interesting Fact: The Geelong Cats' consistent teamwork and dedication to their game plan have been pivotal in securing victories, as evidenced by the positive feedback in the AFL Coaches Votes.

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GMHBA Health Update | Round 4 (Geelong Cats)

Tanner Bruhn, Tom Atkins, and Jack Bowes all returned to the line-up for Tom Hawkins' 350th game. Bruhn hit the ground running, posting a career-high 27 ...

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Coaches Votes | Round 3 (Geelong Cats)

Geelong players have shared this week's AFL Coaches Votes following a team of all performance in their Round 3 victory over Hawthorn on Monday.

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