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Hilarious April Fools' Day Shenanigans in Design, Architecture, and Beyond

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From banana-shaped buildings to viral food creations, check out the most outrageous April Fools' Day jokes of the year!

On April Fools' Day, the internet was abuzz with creative pranks in the design and architecture world. A banana-shaped building prank took the spotlight, leaving everyone in stitches. Meanwhile, in South Australia, viral jokes ranged from new food creations to amusing new recruits. As jesters and jokers had their fun, PR emails made us doubt reality, blurring the lines between joke and reality. As an editor, I often find myself falling for these clever hoaxes, adding to the laughter and deception of the day.

Did you know that the banana-shaped building prank garnered international attention, becoming one of the most shared April Fools' jokes online? And in South Australia, the joke about new food creations sparked a social media frenzy, with people eagerly awaiting the fictional dishes to become a reality.

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Image courtesy of "The Architect's Newspaper"

A few of the best design- and architecture-related April Fools' Day ... (The Architect's Newspaper)

AN editors scoured the internet and social media for the design- and architecture-related pranks that were kidded around this year. From a banana-shaped ...

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SA's most viral April Fools' jokes in 2024 (Glam Adelaide)

Here's a list of South Australia's most viral April Fool's Day jokes, from new food creations to new recruits.

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PR emails we can't believe weren't April Fools' Day jokes (GW Hatchet)

As the jesters and jokers descend on unsuspecting pawns this April Fools, I, an editor at a student newspaper, must admit that I often am played the fool.

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