PwC scandal

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PwC tax scandal: staff stood down over concerns problem ...

Former NSW police commissioner and now PwC partner Mick Fuller contacted his friend the AFP commissioner after scandal broke, Senate estimates told.

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PwC to remove staff involved in Australia tax leak scandal from govt ...

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has agreed to remove staff with links to the leak and use of confidential Australian tax plans from government work, ...

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PwC staff implicated in Australian tax leak told to step back from ...

Rival KPMG warns employees on standards as scandal rocks consulting industry.

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KPMG blasts PwC as police probe tax rort

The attempt by embattled big four professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers to quarantine the leak of confidential tax information looks set to be ...

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Contagion shows no one is safe from PwC scandal

The commencement of a criminal investigation into the leak of sensitive government information is bad enough. But there is also the very real prospect of a ...

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PwC scandal: PwC effectively banned from government contracts

The finance department has now effectively banned the firm from winning new work by ordering officials to consider confidentiality breaches when evaluating ...

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Fallout continues over PwC tax leak scandal

Anger over the PwC tax leak scandal has continued in Canberra this week and today the consultancy firm agreed to stand down any staff who knew about the ...

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PwC scandal demands that ethics bar be set much higher

Those who want to be paid by taxpayers should not treat them with such contempt.