Loafers Lodge Wellington

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Live: Loafers Lodge hostel fire in Wellington a 'multi-fatality incident'

A "once-in-a-decade fire" at the Loafer's Lodge in Newtown has left multiple people dead, Fire and Emergency officials said.

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From the scene: Wellington Loafers Lodge hostel fire tragedy

Images and video of the fire that broke out in the 92-room Wellington hostel show the extent of the massive fire, described by a fire chief as a worst ...

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Wellington fatal hostel fire: What is Loafers Lodge?

The scene of a fatal fire has been a bank, a church, and most recently, accommodation for those from myriad walks of life.

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Wellington, New Zealand hostel fire: Ten dead in Loafers Lodge ...

At least 10 people have died after a fire broke out at a hostel building in central Wellington overnight amid fears there could be more fatalities.

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New Zealand hostel fire: at least six dead and 11 missing in ...

Emergency services called to 92-room Loafers Lodge hostel just after midnight and a number of people remain unaccounted for.

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Wellington fire at Loafer's Lodge hostel: New details emerge

Fire and emergency crews were called to the Loafers Lodge Hostel on Adelaide Road in Wellington just before 12:30am to battle a fire raging on the top ...

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'Worst nightmare': Several dead in fire at New Zealand hostel

It took firefighters more than six hours to extinguish the blaze, which broke out in the middle of the night in a fully occupied hostel.

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Loafers Lodge: At least several dead in Wellington hostel fire

Multiple people are believed to be dead after a fire ripped through a 92-room hostel in Wellington, New Zealand, overnight.

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Wellington fire at Newtown's Loafers Lodge: Up to 10 dead in ...

Wellington Fire and Emergency District Manager Nick Pyatt and Mayor Tory Whanau Wellington mayor talk on the Hostel fire the lit up Wellingtons night sky. Video ...

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Multiple people dead in New Zealand after fire breaks out in ...

The Loafers Lodge hostel has a capacity for 92 guests, but it was not clear how many people were inside at the time of the fire. Wellington Fire and Emergency ...

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'Worst nightmare': Fears of rising death toll

A number of people are missing and at least six people have been confirmed dead after a devastating fire tore through a New Zealand hostel.

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Newtown Fire – Wellington City Council update, Tuesday 16 May ...

Wellington City Council (WCC) building officers and environmental health officers have been onsite since early today and they are currently assisting FENZ ...