George Soros

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Murdoch media praise international right-wing politicians targeting ...

Fox Business and the New York Post deploy antisemitic smear against Soros' supposed plans to create a more “globalist society”. Written by Craig Harrington.

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George Soros says Twitter rumour of his death was greatly ...

do you wanBillionaire financier George Soros took to Twitter on Monday to declare he's in good health, following a viral social media rumour that he'd ...

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Why are rumours George Soros, 92, has died trending?

A bizarre rumour that billionaire George Soros has died began trending on Twitter overnight - despite the fake story coming from an account with three ...

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Fact Check: Has George Soros Died At The Age of 92?

Rumours are afloat yet again that financier George Soros has died. Soros is a Hungarian American investor, businessman and chief financier.

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Why is 'George Soros dead' trending even though he is alive and well?

A new death hoax "George Soros dead" went viral online, but the 92-year-old investor is alive and kicking.

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Businessman George Soros rubbishes report of his death, says 'I am ...

Earlier, there was a speculation on the microblogging site that he had died, following which the 92-year-old confirmed about his well being.

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Why is 'George Soros dead' trending?...

GEORGE Soros is one of the leading lights of American high society, so rumors of his death are sure to spread.A bizarre hoax has sent "George Soros de.

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George Soros announces he isn't dead

The hedge fund as well as other lenders such as Fortress Investment Group and Monroe Capital intend to purchase the media company for $225 million. However, the ...

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No, George Soros Is Not Dead

"Rumors that I had a heart attack are completely false," a Twitter account that appeared to belong to Soros tweeted on May 15, 2023.

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Fact Check-George Soros 'alive and healthy' on May 15, 2023

Billionaire financier George Soros said he is “alive and healthy” on May 15, 2023, after viral posts on social media falsely claimed he died after a heart ...

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Is George Soros Dead? What's Behind the Viral Rumor

The Hungarian-American billionaire has been a frequent target of misinformation and antisemitic attacks, but is there any truth to the latest conspiracy ...